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Draught Proofing for Period Properties and Listed Buildings

For traditional and period properties it is recommended that you control draughts to keep out the cold, while leaving enough ventilation to allow the building to breathe. With this in mind, CosyHome has developed specialised draught proofing that uses durable rubber seals for windows and doors, door brushes and concealed brush beading for sash windows.

CosyHome offer a range of additional energy saving products and services that are designed to enhance and compliment the benefits of draught proofing, loft insulation and secondary glazing, including:

Loftzone Storefloor Loft Flooring System

A unique new system that allows the construction of a rapid-build, lightweight, high strength loft floor above a 300mm thickness of loft insulation. This allows you to store your suitcases in the loft without reducing thermal efficiency.

Radiator Enhancers

Wall reflectors that slide down behind the radiators to prevent heat being absorbed into the walls. These have a low installation cost and are estimated to reduce energy use by 7%.

Sloping Ceiling Insulation

Thermal laminate boarding consisting of a high efficiency insulation board glued to plasterboard that is screwed to the underneath of sloping ceilings, in attics and bedrooms, and then plastered over.  This solves the problem of sloping ceilings that usually have little or no insulation above them and cause a high degree of heat loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Eco Friendly?

CosyHome insulation is quick to install with little disruption to your home. The energy used for the installation is saved in around three months so it works equally for you and the planet.

Will it reduce my bills?

The CosyHome Package of window, draught and loft insulation costs between £3,000 and £5,000 for an average home and often pays for itself in 4-8 years, representing a financial return of 15-25% per year.

Where do you cover?

We are based in North Devon in the heart of the South West. We can supply our draught proofing systems to owners of country homes and traditional period properties in the South West, including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, as well as across the UK.

Can I get A Free Survey?

To obtain further details about our packages of energy saving solutions, or to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements, please get in touch. We will visit your home at your convenience to show you samples, explain our system and discuss your own specific requirements.

The CosyHome Triple Bottom Line

CosyHome Company is an ethical and socially responsible organisation; all of our decisions are informed by our ‘Triple Bottom Line’. We are focused on growing our business, while prioritising people and the planet. We are extremely lucky to be based in North Devon and where possible aim to employ local craftsmen, specialists and apprentices to develop the business while also benefiting our community. We consciously make calculations of social and environmental factors in our business decisions.

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Do get in touch with CosyHome today to discuss how we can help you to save energy and reduce heating bills by making your property more energy efficient with our CosyGlazing, Loft Insulation and Draught Proofing systems. We’ve already insulated more than 120 beautiful period homes, and our customers are delighted.

“We are stunned by how fantastic the CosyGlazing is in terms of additional warmth, keeping out the drafts and also sound-proofing.” Tom, Bath.

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